or dog kennels Chesterfield FAQs

Q. How much notice do I need to book?

A. If you want to book a stay over the busy holiday periods then as much as possible, however please give us a ring and we will do our best to help whatever your circumstances.

Q. Do you have a lot of experience in looking after dogs?

A. Yes we do! The kennels have been open for over 25 years and some of our staff have been working here for over 15 years.

Q. Are you a licenced dog boarding kennels?

A. Yes we are licenced by the Local Authority to ensure we keep our high standards.

Q. How often will you walk my dog?

A. We walk every dog at least twice a day, however you can also have extra long walks and extra walks a day, please speak to Lauren to arrange this.

Q. Do I need to bring food for my dog?

A. No we stock a full range of food wet and dry; we can normally cater for most of our boarders. If your dog has special dietary requirements that we do not stock please just let us know and we will either do our best to provide the food, or if you prefer you can bring your own.

Q. I have a big dog will I be charged more?

A. No, we do not charge extra for our larger friends.

Q. Can I bring my dogs favourite toy?

A. Of course! We want to make their stay as fun as possible, so you are welcome to bring their toys or beds. All are provided but having your own things is always nice!

Q. Where do you walk the dogs?

A. We have our own private woodland on the grounds, so most of the walks are there. This is mainly because most dogs enjoy it the most, we also have some large fields for those who need that little bit more room!

Q. Do you walk the dogs together?

A. No, we walk all the dogs on their own. Only if they are staying together will we take them out as a group.

Q. Do you keep the kennels clean?

A. Oh yes! The rooms are kept spotless at all times. We also ensure the woodlands are kept clean so we never have any issues with mess.

Q. Can you collect my dog for me?

A. Yes we can, our doggie taxi can collect and return your dog from just about anywhere. Please book in advance for this service.

Q.  Can you bath and trim my dog whilst I am away?

A. Yes we have fully qualified staff who will be happy to help.

Q. Can my 3 dogs stay together?

A. Yes we have rooms for single dogs, double size rooms or family rooms. You can have more than dog in a room or just have a bigger room!

Q. Can you clip my dogs nails whilst he is with you?

A.  Yes we have fully qualified staff who can help. Just let us know at the time of booking.

Q. What vaccinations does my dog need before their stay with you?

A.  Your dog needs to be vaccinated against Bordetella Bronchiseptica (kennel cough) at least 14 days before their stay with us, and also needs to be up to date with their yearly booster.

Q. What is kennel cough?

A. Bordetella Bronchiseptica, also known as ‘kennel cough’ is basically the common cold to dogs, and despite its name can be contracted wherever your dog comes into contact with other dogs – so as well as in kennels it can be caught at the vets, in the park etc.

The vaccine for kennel cough is administered by your vet in the form of a nasal spray, and will last 12 months. While the vaccine will not prevent all types of coughs/flu ( just like the flu-jab for humans) it will protect your dog from the main strains.

Q. What time can I drop my dog off on the first day of their stay?

A.  We are open for drop offs between 8:30am and 4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Q. What do I need to bring with me when I drop off my dog?

A.  All you really need is your dog(s), their collar and lead, and their vaccination card, as well as any medication they have been prescribed. We are able to provide all their food, bedding, toys and anything else they should need during their stay. However if your dog has a favourite blanket, toy or some special treats that you think your dog might enjoy while they are with us, then please feel free to bring them with you.

Q. Is there a discount for more than one dog in the same room?

A.  Yes there are discounts for rooms booked out for more than one dog, please see our online price list for further details.

Q. My dog needs quite a lot of exercise is it possible for him to have extra walks?

A.  Yes, we offer an upgrade package for active dogs, which gets your dog upgraded to an extra walk per day during their stay with us (please see our latest tariffs for the upgraded package rates).

Q. What hours are you open for viewing the accommodation?

A.  We are open for viewings every day. Whilst we are happy to show visitors around any time during the day the best time for us is between 11am and 4pm – this just helps us to complete morning walks/cleaning and get dogs ready for going home that day, and ensures we have got plenty time to show you around and answer any queries. You can either drop in between those times or if you wish to make an appointment please just give us a call.

Q. Are you open over the Christmas period and other bank holidays?

A.  Yes we are open for boarding 365 days a year. Over the Christmas period we close for arrivals and departures at midday on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, and close for the whole day on Christmas Day and New Years Day.  We are also closed for collections/drop offs on Easter Sunday.

Q. Do I need to leave a deposit?

A.  We take a deposit of £30 or 35% for single rooms and £50 or 35% for double/family rooms at the time of booking in order to secure your dog’s room for the dates you require. The remaining balance is then paid when you collect your dog at the end of their stay. Prices are per dog, per day which includes the day on arrival and includes the day of departure.


You can make a boarding booking by email or by clicking the link below. Please note, reservations made by email or using the link are not confirmed bookings until you have paid the deposit and received confirmation of your booking from us.

For grooming only and pamper day appointment please make your reservation by phone so we can discuss your requirements before making the booking.