Dunston lodge is a real find for dog lovers. I had looked at other kennels but found they didn’t cater to my dogs needs especially when it came to walking and playtime. I have 13 yr old collie and a 1 yr old Alsatian. They obviously have different things that make them happy but being stuck in a cage with only 2 15 minutes walks a day and no attention is definitely not the answer. I took them to another kennel previously and they came back very unsettled. However, Dunston lodge is a completely different experience. They listen to what your dogs need are and tailor the day around that. The younger one gets extra long walks and have both have extra playtime and attention.

They arrive home freshly groomed and extremely happy. They’re not unsettled in anyway and slot straight back into their normal routine. The staff are always friendly and helpful and Richard, the owner, is very hands on and involved with the dogs safe keeping which is very reassuring. It is obvious that the primary concern at Dunston lodge is your dogs well being and to make their stay as pleasant as possible. You can leave your dogs with the complete confidence that they will very well cared for and treated as part of the Dunston lodge family. I cannot recommend highly enough. If you would like to contact me please feel free.