Here at Chesterfield’s premier boarding kennels Dunston Lodge, we like to think that our customers treat their dogs as part of the family. If you’re a growing family with young children and would love a puppy shaped edition to your home, we’ve compiled a list of the breeds we deem most suitable as safe and friendly additions to your home.

Of course, every dog is individual and there are exceptions, but there are number of breeds that are generally great with kids. From big to small, here are our favourites!

Labrador dog kennels Chesterfield dog groomingThe Labrador Retriever

A very popular choice, the Labrador retriever has a great reputation as a friendly family dog. With the right training and sufficient exercise, a lab is a great family companion. It’s worth mentioning that labs mature more slowly than other breeds, meaning that they often behave like puppies until they are about three. Years of family fun!


Staffy boarding kennels ChesterfieldStaffordshire bull terrier

Traditionally known as a breed with a good reputation as a family dog, Staffordshire bull terriers are exceptionally safe around children, and make very affectionate pets. They are good at barking to alert their owners to possible threat or danger, but this does not extend to human aggression. The only thing about Male Staffordshire Bull Terriers is that they aren’t very good at mixing with other dogs, but they do make great companions for single dog households.

Pug dog boarding kennels SheffieldThe Pug

These cuties are very sociable and adore the company of adults and children. Dog trainers in the past have commented on the way that these wrinkly little toy dogs seem to establish very strong bonds with children and absolutely love to play.


Newfoundland dog grooming SheffieldThe Newfoundland

These bear like gentle giants are known for being very placid and laid back, despite their size. They are fantastic swimmers and very easy to train. However, they do have a tendency to drool a bit more than other dogs because of their big jowls, and can sometimes be a little lazy.



Collie Sheffield dog boarding and groomingThe Collie

Collies are gentle and friendly with a good temperament, and are therefore well suited to life with children. Collies tend to be very active, so they do need lots of exercise, and regular brushing to prevent their fur from getting matted.



* Dunston Lodge cannot be held responsible for any behavioural problems in individual dogs of these breeds, which may lead them not to be suitable for homes with children.  ALWAYS get a dog from a reputable breeder to ensure good behaviour and good breeding.  You can refer to the Kennel Club for more information and with help finding the right dog and the right breeder.