dog home alone doggy day care ChesterfieldA recent rescreening of the Channel 4 documentary called ‘Dogs: Their Secret Lives’ made us think about what dogs get up to when left home alone.  The programme took a close look at how man’s best friend is now spending more and more time alone, and revealed what they get up to when we are out. Using hidden cameras placed around the home, viewers saw footage of dog’s behaviour behind closed doors. Some dogs simply slept, others were fairly active, but some were howling and fretful.

Here at Dunston Lodge dog kennels in Chesterfield, we obviously know lots of dog owners! Most are familiar with separation anxiety, and know that it can be stressful for both dog and owner when we have to go out. It’s not nice to think that your dog may be howling, barking and whining, and it’s also worrying to think that they may have left you a not-so-nice little present when you get back.

Don’t worry though, this problem isn’t unusual, in fact the study  on the show found that about 85% of dogs show some kind of reaction when they are left alone. And you’ll be pleased to know that with time and patience, the symptoms of separation-related problems can be prevented and cured. For tips and advice, the Channel 4 website has a handy page of information that you can find here –

Doggy Day Care Service at Chesterfield Dog Kennels

If you are concerned about leaving your dog alone when you have to go out for a few hours, and would feel better knowing that they are being given the same amount of love and affection that they’d get from you, we can help.

We offer a doggie day care service that will take the stress out of going out for both you and your dog!

You can simply drop your dog off at our boarding kennels in Chesterfield, anytime from 8 in the morning, and then collect them later that day. While your dog is here we’ll treat them to a bath and blow dry, make sure they are well fed, and of course, give them lots of attention!

If you would like to take advantage of our doggie day care services, our prices start from just £15! Call us on 01246 455111 to book in or email us at