As you may or may not know, Reddit has something for everyone; from “lol cats” to “dog photos” and even just your general “funnies”.  So, here at Dunston Lodge dog boarding kennels in Chesterfield, we thought we’d have a good look through “dog pictures” and showcase our top ten of the best recent dog photos.  You can view this subreddit (and join Reddit if you like) by clicking here.

1. “I walked into my living room, didn’t see my girl so I called her name and this is what I get.”

This cheeky little chappy obviously loves playing hide and seek. Or maybe she just wanted a little peace and quiet.

dogs of Reddit
From user @naysay3rr

2. “the day we signed her adoption papers :)”

She just looks so happy that she’s found her forever home.

dogs of reddit
From user @puppy-in-a-cup

3. “My pup Nala! Shes Australian shepherd mixed with Great Pyreneese”

Whatever has happened in this picture, Nala seems really, really happy to be there.

dogs of Reddit
From user @DocTooDope

4. “Miley loves her some nature”

Miley certainly is a cute little girl!

dogs of Reddit
From user @neurogasm_

5. “Meet Kevin”

Kevin looks like my kinda guy…just a little bit loopy!

dogs of Reddit
From user @AurigaX

6. “This little man discovered he loves the beach”

And who wouldn’t love the beach, especially in this weather.

dogs of Reddit
From user @pejutasapa

7. “My dog licking my other dog’s armpit.”

Well, whatever floats your boat I guess!

dogs of Reddit
From user @TheFckestUpest

8. “He looks so serious, but he’s just cooking up his next zany antic.”

You can see it in his eyes!

Dogs of Reddit
From user @di11ettante

9. “I recently got a Cocker Spaniel Puppy, found out she’s actually a Baby Chewbacca!”

Either way, she’s bound to be a bit “Chewy”, b’dum ch 🙂

dogs of Reddit
From user @AccursedHalo

10. “Hello yes good morning belly rubs please thank you”

Whatever the breed (or age) a good belly rub is just the best!

dogs of Reddit
From user @stengebt

So there you have it, our favourite 10 funny, cute and gorgeous pics from Reddit last week.