The weather has well and truly cooled and Autumn has more than settled in, with the muddy fields and leaves falling all over.  Autumn is a great time for your dog to have some cool weather fun, so we’ve come up with the following Autumn activities for you and your dog:

leaf pile jumping dog kennels Chesterfield1. Go Leaf Pile Jumping

With all the leaves on the ground this is a great opportunity for some Autumn fun for your dog. Dogs love digging up piles of leaves and jumping around in them, so find a pile of leaves, jump in and kick them about with your dog.

visit a pumpkin patch2. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Kill two birds with one stone. If you have a pumpkin farm or patch near you, then why not pick up your pumpkins while taking your dog on a lovely walk.

dog eat pumpkin3. Eat Some Pumpkin

Once you’ve been to the pumpkin patch you can incorporate a little into their diet, as pumpkin helps with digestion and eases stomach issues. Make a puree out of your pumpkin and add a few spoons to your dog’s dinner. It’s really tasty (they love it!) and good for them too.  There are also lots of different pumpkin dog treat recipes to be found online.

dog trick or treat Halloween4. Go Trick Or Treating

Going trick or treating incorporates some fun for your dog as well as a good family walk, as long as your dog is comfortable going door to door and meeting people. And don’t forget to pick up some extra dog treats for any dogs that might come trick or treating at your door!

woodland walk dog kennels Chesterfield5. Go On A Woodland Walk

Your dog will love going on a hike through the crunchy leaves on a woodland walk. There are also all sorts of new smells and colours in the woods that your dog will absolutely love.

dog treasure hunt6. Do A Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a great game for you to play in the garden with your dog. Pick up some healthy dog treats and hide them around your garden and then take them on a hunt for the treats. It’s a great game to play for a bit of extra exercise in autumn.

visit orchard dog kennels Chesterfield7. Visit An Orchard

Again, you can get a nice walk to and from (and around) an orchard, which your dog will appreciate. Many orchards will allow dogs in, but it’s best to check beforehand.  Once you get home you can cut up some apples into slices for your dog to enjoy. Remove the core and make sure there are no seeds and then slice up the apple. Apple slices are good for your dog’s teeth and will freshen their breath, but only give them one or two at a time.